icantfindausername- asked:
I used your photos of your haircut when I got mine cut and I love it. It's shaved and long on top and I am really glad you took those photos of you because Id been looking for pictures to portray to the stylist exactly what I wanted. Then I came across your blog and you ha exactly that I wanted thankyou. Sorry. This isn't a question. O🐳

Really happy I could help👍✨✨

Anonymous asked:
You seem like you've lived through so much god it'd be a treasure to know you.

Thank you,🙈 I really wish I had the chance to meet everyone on here who’s said all these lovely things💐.

Audioslave - like a stone
Left my hair up in a bun for 3 days to see how curly I could get it👼

“I miss home so bad, and when I say home I mean you.”

Anonymous asked:
You are probably the prettiest girl I've ever seen.

That’s really sweet😢 thank you.

queer-de-lune asked:
You're sooo hot 10/10 would bang ♡♡♡

10/10 you are the hottest Claire bear👐

A temporary change 


Sleeping alone and waking up alone. You never really get used to it. I’ve hated it from day one. All the in-betweens are manageable, but at night it becomes increasingly apparent, it’s all you can really think about.

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